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1975- 2010 and The Disgusting Thing

From my post at jwsupport:

This is absolutely amazing. This is other information which confirms
exactly what I had mentioned under another topic about an explanation
of how 1975 was a date which confirmed a particular Bible prophesy.
Thank you Cofty for posting that quote, I read that with shock.

Like 1914, the Watchtower was only partially correct in their prophesy about that year.
I recently recognized that 1975 was a prophetic year, and the following events explain how.

Jesus said "when you catch sight of the disgusting thing
that causes desolation standing in a holy place..."

1. 1975, the first year of peace and security, as announced by the president.
No steps were initiated to actually start peace and security,
but the announcement was made regarding future intentions.
2. After this date, the Watchtower Society was involved with the U.N.
3. Soon after 1975, Ray Franz disassociated himself from the Watchtower Society because the governing body was no longer following Holy Spirit.
4. By 1979 the secret elders book "Pay Attention to Yourselves and The Flock" was ready for print.
5. Secret letters to the elders began to be distributed monthly.
6. Subliminal demonic and sexual illustrations began appearing in publications after 1975. See the "You Can Live Forever" and "Revelation" book.
7. After 1975 many anointed ones started getting disfellowshipped.
8. As mentioned by rus virgil, beginning January 1, 1976, a major shift occurred in the administration of the Watchtower Society.

These prove that the disgusting thing had taken control of
the Watchtower Society, that is, It was standing in the Holy Place.

Next the writer said "let the reader use discernment"

Of course, the Watchtower Society is not going to warn you that they are
going to come under the direct control of Satan, so you must discern that yourself.

Next was written "begin fleeing to the mountains"

This means to abandon the things of this world. The end is near, if you devote yourself to getting rich, or any other selfish pursuits,
you will be wasting your time. Get to know Jehovah, and rely on Him.

(from Rus Virgil's link- So, let us see how we can find this number. At page 109 of the book “Jehovah's witnesses, proclaimers of God's Kingdom”, in the second paragraph the following appear:

“Starting with 1 st January 1976 all the activities of the Watch Tower Society and of all the congregations of Jehovah's witnesses in the entire world have entered under the supervision of six administrative committees of the government corps."
(And here we have the first six)
Then, we read on:
“In accordance with this measure, on 1 st February 1976 a similar modification took place in every branch of the society."
(And this is the second six)
Then, going down to the third step – the congregation we observe that there is a committee, which handles all the problems of the congregation. This committee is formed out of six members (and here is the third six) with the following functions and responsibilities:
1 – president;
2 – secretary;
3 – accountant;
4 – the supervisor of the minister school;
5 – the supervisor of the ministry service;
6 – the person who is in charge of the literature department.
All these together represent the number 666!) END OF LINK from Rus Virgil.

Further, consider this- about the three and a half times.

If a time were 10 years, times were 20 years and a half time were 5 years, that would be 35 years. If 35 years started in 1975, then it would end in 2010. Now in the spring of 2002, I asked the Holy Spirit when Armageddon would come, and I understood 8 years. Now I understood that by the spring of 2010 it will come as mentioned by all of the preceding. I have always believed that if I knew this, others did also.
Many here have criticized the WTS for setting years, but the WTS was partially right about 1975 being significant, like 1914.
The Bible says that no one knows the day or hour. True.
Does it say no one knows the year? Does it say no one knows the season? It does not even imply that.
Some assert that it does, but they cannot provide a concrete basis for that assumption.

This is the first time I have revealed this information, like the vision I told you about previously.
I will have to assume, based on replies to rus virgil, that you will assume that I am a few eggs short of a dozen. And that being true, what better place, then, to post this info.
Bill (Copy of post at jwsupport- )

From a following post on jwsupport:

I forgot to mention something else.

After countless years of home book studies, the WTS has discontinued this meeting.
I recognized the reason for this being that the message will soon change.
Those who have been in the truth a while are aware that, after over 100 years of preaching the good news of the Kingdom, a time would come when the message would shift to a message of Judgment.
It will become dangerous for witnesses to meet in homes when this message begins.
So this meeting was discontinued in anticipation of the delivery of the message of Judgment.

Over the last 7 years, I have come upon info about 6 months before it comes out in the Watchtower. Using this analogy, I guess the WTS will announce the new message to be delivered sometime between August and January. It is my understanding that there is a special assembly in December that no one is supposed to miss.
Regarding 1914. Satan WAS cast to earth, having great anger. Even removing any/all Bible prophesy cannot remove this historically obvious event.

I know that you can prove we will not know the day and hour.
Can you prove that we will not know the year or season, I mean PROVE?

You seem to have overlooked the obvious. If the Disgusting Things presence is to be so clearly apparent, then why did Jesus need to warn us about it? And why use the term "DISCERNMENT"?
Discernment- discrimination; acuteness of judgment and understanding, judgment, perspicacity, penetration, insight.
Only those with insight, understanding, and acuteness of judgment will see the Disgusting Things presence.

If the home book study was discontinued for financial reasons, then it should have been discontinued at least 40 years ago. People in poor countries have always had to suffer to attend any meetings. The home book study was one of the most upbuilding studies there was. Very spiritual.

Someone referred to the Judgment message as programing. Would you say, then, that to Noah?
The End WILL come, we have God's promise.
Do you believe, then, that we all have exactly the same knowledge and understanding?
Do you believe it is possible for someone to know or understand something someone else does not?
Do you believe that the Holy Spirit is a teacher?
Do you not believe the prophesy that prophets would appear in the last days?

Visions, prophesy, and miracles are for those who have faith, not the faithless.
Moses performed 10 prophesies to a large nation, which immediately followed, yet people still did not believe.
Jesus performed miracles every day for 3 1/2 years, still may did not believe.

For the faithful one- one miracle, vision, or prophesy is one more than they need to believe. These things are for an encouragement. So much more so the reason for Jehovah to grant such things to those who have this kind of faith.
Visions, prophesy, and miracles are for those who have faith, not the faithless.
If means if
May means may
Could means could
I used if, may, and could because I was only relaying information. I never told anyone that they HAD to believe me

Let me share with you how the Holy Spirit worked with me.
This comment is for informational purposes only.
You are not under obligation to believe anything that I write or say.

After receiving the Holy Spirit in the spring of 2002, the following occurred.
I would ask questions silently in my mind, and the answer
would come to me as knowledge, instantly.
Just like when you have knowledge the sky is blue,
you don't have to look up to check.
I never heard any voices, nor saw images, nor visions.
Except a little over a year ago, I did have a powerful vision,
which I may relate at a later date.

On a couple of occasions, the question was answered before I
had even completed asking it. This began occurring almost 7 years ago,
and I have not told anyone this until now.
So if I were bragging, or just simply mad, it does not seem entirely logical that I could control myself enough to seal my lips for so long.
Could you exercise that much self-control?

I had e mail contact with Watchman about the vision that I had,
and he suggested that I post it on this web site.
Maybe he does not agree with me about everything,
but he offered me the chance to be here.
In fact, I posted comments on his videos and commentary's in a critical way
even before I was approved to be a member here.
In spite of this, my wife and I really enjoy his videos,
and commentaries. That is how I found this site.

Prophesy is almost never realized until it has been fulfilled.
Prophesy's fulfillment is frequently unexpected in realization.

A million or more Jews anticipated Jesus arrival by date
and location as a result of many dozens of prophesies.
Did the Jews recognize the presence of God's son in Galilee? No.
Did the Jews recognize Jesus when he revealed himself to them in the synagogue? No. Were they not filled with joy? No.
They were angry, and wanted to kill him.
Jesus traveled about, teaching and performing miracles.
The people asked "Could this be the Christ?"
But many were stumbled because he taught with parables.

Was not it prophesied that the Christ was to be their King,
and did not some, believing Jesus to be the Christ, try to make him King?
Were they not also stumbled when be proved to them
to be no part of their understanding of prophesy?

After Jesus was put to death, how many Jews recognized Jesus as the Messiah?
Was it 75%?, 50%?, 25%? Wasn't it less than 10%?

What happened? All those prophesies, and no one understood.
They lacked vision, discernment, and most importantly lot's of faith.
Is it not just possible, but all too likely that we are no different?

I have proved to you that I have vision, discernment, and faith.
(Have I not explained these things to you,
and how can someone explain something, unless he understands it?)

Will you prove to me that you have vision, discernment, and faith?
If you cannot, then it is very unlikely that you will understand and interpret prophesy, no matter how much you study and discuss.
Were not the Jews experts in such matters, yet God's prophesy eluded them?

Do you recall how Jehovah did this in the past?
Did He not use humans to provide a warning?

You are right about the Holy Spirit.
Jehovah is actively using the Holy Spirit right now,
especially so because of the importance of this time.
Have confidence, the time is nearby.

This should be our goal, that through discernment,
we come to understand God's will in prophesy.
No one should be so presumptuous to assume they
can calculate and formulate the interpretation of a prophesy,
without a Godly trained insight. And Holy Spirit.
If it is not granted, no understanding will occur.

Is abuse by aposers not a clear indication of correct interpretation,
as history has clearly shown this to be true. Why do they ridicule
and lie about someone, unless they are afraid of something?
Something true.

You wrote "Does your God-given discernment
or "Holy Spirit" unveil dark clouds of misunderstanding
or ignorance over large parts of the Bible"?
I can only think, Boy, would that be nice.
But I don't think that has ever happened for anyone.
(with the exception of Jesus, of course)

And therein lays the problem.
When someone does have an understanding revealed to them,
and others discern this, it is too easy for the one receiving
the blessing to begin relying on their own understanding
about other things, when people come to question them further.
Like what happened to Peter, he thought he had faith and understanding,
but attempted to get Jesus to consider not giving up his life.

I am constantly aware of the responsibility that comes
from accepting this blessing. I am now under obligation
to state any personal opinion or insight with regard to how
I communicate with others as such.

As Paul wrote, then, that they became "slaves" of the "spirit".
Many here seem to have questions about the anointed,
do they have more (or special) knowledge?
Do they sin, like the test of us?

Saul was anointed, yet later, began to feel that
it was according to his own power, that he had achieved success.
Solomon was anointed, yet later, began to feel
that it was according to his own power that he had achieved success.
Judas received Holy Spirit, and his righteousness
was indistinguishable from the other apostles.
He bore witness of the Good News, expelled demons,
and healed people, along with the others.
But he began to rely on his own understanding.

This can happen today too. Some can begin to rely
on their own understanding, and soon lose contact
with the Holy Spirit as a result.

May our confidence remain in Jehovah and
His promises, especially in light of the
critical times that we are now enduring.

But the things I told you were not a product of great understanding,
knowledge, wisdom, study, comprehension, books, reading, listening,
or any source on the earth, or available to man.
These things were given to me, free, a gift.
I remain grateful.

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